Yay! You’ve finally found that sweet, sweet golden opportunity – you know, the one that reads like it was written for your firm. The one that you can easily share with your team and will yield an immediate “GO” vote. The one you know you can land if you can get your firm’s qualifications under their noses. It’s that pipeline building opportunity with your dream client. You simply must respond.

Except that the proposal is due… like, tomorrow. Gulp.

Instead of kissing this opportunity goodbye (along with your hopes and dreams for growth), cue The Novel Shoppe. We offer easy-to-edit proposal templates designed to help you and your team achieve success and focus on the bigger stuff. Like, who’s writing the technical approach?!

And while we can’t help you with the execution on a moment’s notice, we’ve packed these template bundles with enough ammo to secure the bag (and prove your firm’s value while you’re at it). You can feel confident to proudly submit your shiny, qualified, powerhouse of a response!

If you ever need added support or copy written exclusively for you, feel free to shoot us an email at hello@whynovel.com. We’ll schedule a Strategy Call to get you started!